Information Technology


Microsoft Access Database [2011 - 2012]

- France (Besancon)
  • LIAL

Image, Barcode Integration [2003 - 2010]

- Australia (Sydney)
  • Nestle Inc.,
  • Rentokol Initial,
  • ABI Group,
  • Nexus Lexus

Anti-virus Development [2001 - 2002]

- Australia (Sydney)
  • vCIS

Web Development [1996]

- Australia (Sydney)
  • Online Systems

POS Cash registers [1995]

- Australia (Sydney)
  • Mobex

Document Management [1992 - 1994]

- South Africa (Johannesburg)
  • Q-Data
  • Exsol
  • Related Systems
  • Micrographics (MGX)

Computer Security [1991]

- South Africa (Johannesburg)
  • First National Bank

C++ Development [1989 - 1990]

- South Africa (Johannesburg)
  • Teklogic
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SHANIT - Consulting, Design, Workflow, Development

Teklogic - Midrand, South Africa

At this point, after nearly four years of Pascal development, I discovered the newer "C" language.

Started coding in "C" on PDP11 under the RSX11M Operating System and soon thereafter, switched to the Integrated Development Environment of Borland's Turbo C. I contributed to the development of a library for a windows-like Graphic User Interface (GUI) that would run on the serial (RS232), monochrome, character based, VT100 terminals.

Having successfully completed a Project Management course at Executive Education, Johannesburg, I undertook, as Project Manager a feasibility study for the development of a system that required what is today known as the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) standard. The client had asked us to investigate whether it would be financially viable to build a system (hardware and software) that would provide designers, manufacturers and testers of military equipment storage of a library of documents, which would allow searching and viewing documents that contained "dynamic links" that would enable link to or zoom into electronic modules, to display lists of components, test routines, or other documents or drawings. The project was executed at the highest standard, within budget and on schedule. The detailed report that it produced provided details of all the latest technology and the client's options for putting together such system.

At Teklogic, I was given the opportunity to study the concept of PC Networking and was assigned the task of "network administrator" for a 25 users Novell Netware network. The users shared servers hard disk resources, printers and various software, of which the most prominent was the WordStar 2000 word-processor.
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