Information Technology


Microsoft Access Database [2011 - 2012]

- France (Besancon)
  • LIAL

Image, Barcode Integration [2003 - 2010]

- Australia (Sydney)
  • Nestle Inc.,
  • Rentokol Initial,
  • ABI Group,
  • Nexus Lexus

Anti-virus Development [2001 - 2002]

- Australia (Sydney)
  • vCIS

Web Development [1996]

- Australia (Sydney)
  • Online Systems

POS Cash registers [1995]

- Australia (Sydney)
  • Mobex

Document Management [1992 - 1994]

- South Africa (Johannesburg)
  • Q-Data
  • Exsol
  • Related Systems
  • Micrographics (MGX)

Computer Security [1991]

- South Africa (Johannesburg)
  • First National Bank

C++ Development [1989 - 1990]

- South Africa (Johannesburg)
  • Teklogic
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SHANIT - Consulting, Design, Workflow, Development

Further expertise - Australia

Nestle Inc.
Developed and implemented software that integrates an Image browsing application into an Accounting system, enabling users to view scanned invoices (images) whilst inspecting accounting details [C++]

Rentokil Initial
Developed and implemented software that extracts images and data from an imaging system for the purpose of importing them into another imaging system. [C++ and Macro Express]

Developed Windows barcode label printing and integrated it with an accounting system.
Click here for a free download of TLPBARC.EXE - a Windows Barcode printing utility.

ABI Group
Designed, developed and implemented software that uses the Microsoft Windows messaging system in order to seemlessly print barcode and text labels, from an Accounts Receivables system, on Zebra TLP-2824 or TLP-2844 printers. [C++ and EPL2]

Designed and developed Windows utility that monitors input files created by a Kofax Documents Scan system. The software parses the data contained in these text files and in conjunction with sets of XML files sourced from a Users Data Entry system, it connects to an SQL Documents Management Database and updates its records accordingly. [Microsoft Visual C++]
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